Rainy days(英会話サロン)

At Some points…we maybe love this time of year for your skin.

– お肌にとっては良いかもしれないこの季節

Humidity is not as bad as you think.

– 湿気は考え方によってはそう悪くありません

It keeps your skin looking and feeling healthier than you’ve ever imagined.

– あなたの想像以上に肌をより健康的で美しく保ってくれます

Sometimes it doesn’t work using expensive cosmetics or facial massages to look beautiful.

– 高い化粧品や顔のマッサージがいつも肌に良いとは限りません

So let’s keep our fingers crossed and going out in the rainy day.

– 幸運を祈りつつ雨の日を楽しんでみましょう

You maybe feel something different.

– 肌の潤いを感じられるかもしれませんよ

Humidity : 湿度、湿気

Fingers crossed  : 幸運を祈って