Lazy mom’s Quick & Easy cooking(英会話サロン)

Don’t hate me~!


I’m too lazy.


It takes just 5 minutes or so and you’re gonna make all your family happy.


Why wait..let’s get rolling!



“Magic Shiraae” for hot summer night

Ingredients: 4 servings 

① 1 block tofu (400g)

〈preparations 〉Lightly, weigh the tofu down, leave it for about 15minutes or less (You can take a shortcut) then drain.

② Ready-to-eat Higiki

✳︎ 1/2 tbsp of sugar

    1tbsp of soy sauce 

-材料 : 4人分

①豆腐 1丁

  下準備 15分 またはもう少し短い時間で豆腐を水切りします


✳︎ 砂糖 大さじ1/2

    醤油 大さじ 1


1. Mix ①&②

    If you like richer flavor, add “✳︎” in it.

2. Your mission is completed! Now, ready to serve & enjoy !


1. ①と②を混ぜ合わせる

   濃いめの味付けがお好みの方は “✳︎” を加える

⒉ 出来上がり!お皿に盛り付けて召し上がれ!