Was ”the shocking“ the best word ?(英会話サロン)


The thing is a man acceptable for you or not?

When I was on the way to Soga in Keiyo line train, I saw a man who was around 60’s is wearing nice business suits and reading a noble on his sitting position in the middle of the long seat.

You know what, I was astonished what I saw about his feet.

Would you please guess where his both feet were?

Both of his feet were ON his OWN shoes!

It means he was totally taking off his shoes in the train !

I couldn’t believe what I just saw.

Because the man like around his age and looks shouldn’t do such behavior like small children do.

Unfortunately, my older son still tries to do the same thing sometimes in the train.

Maybe I’m a little stereotype kind of person but my common sense shouted loudly saying “No——— !” inside me.

Let’s think it over and care about others what was the right things to do for all of us and him who lost a good sense of moral in the train.